The Suzuki Jimny is even more awesome with these retro graphics

We already were pretty smitten by the Suzuki Jimny, the pint-sized 4×4 that, sadly, U.S. buyers can only look on from afar. It manages to remind us of its ancestors, the Suzuki Samari and Sidekick (small and basic 4x4s for which collectors and off-roaders are rapidly developing a keen appreciation). At the same time, it also rocks its own modern, mini-G-Wagen vibe. Now Suzuki has rolled out a batch of available decal packages for the Jimny, and we’re digging it all the more.

As surfaced by Motor1, Suzuki’s catalog of accessories for the Jimny includes graphics packages in several different themes.

The Offroad style includes tri-color red/gray/black stripes for the top and sides of the hood and under the rear side windows. The wide, lower-body REAL OFFROAD graphic is in red and black, while the finishing touch is a rhino decal for just above the Jimny badge on the tailgate.

The Survival style appears to be some kind of camo pattern in black that is applied in a wide band along the upper bodysides.

Heritage style ups the retro factor. It features red and gray upper body stripes on a white Jimny. Full the full look, you’ll want the hard-shell exterior spare-wheel cover with matching graphics and the red mud flaps.

The piece-de-resistance is the Revival style, which embraces the rad Eighties with a white/pink/black zig-zag squiggle on the doors and rear fenders that could have been lifted straight from a Samari. The matching hard-shell spare-wheel cover is a must.

All of these prove yet again that the boxy, basic Jimny makes an ideal canvas for customization, and there are plenty more accessory items in that catalog. But we’re not going to torture ourselves any further.