The 2020 Woodward Dream Cruise is still on, scheduled for mid-August

The 2020 Woodward Dream Cruise is still on for August. Since the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance was just canceled the other day due to coronavirus, we decided to check in on the hugely popular Michigan summer event for car enthusiasts. The two events typically run on the same weekend in August, and this year was no different. Pebble was scheduled for Sunday, August 16, and the Dream Cruise is still scheduled for Saturday, August 15.

The Detroit Free Press initially reported the news. Michael Lary, Dream Cruise president confirmed to us that the event is still on.

“As we all go about making the necessary and current adjustments to protect public health through social distancing, the 26th Annual Woodward Dream Cruise is continuing as planned in August,” Lary told Autoblog

Of course, the Woodward Dream Cruise is a vastly different event than the Pebble Beach Concours. Owners have to make preparations months in advance to ship their cars to Monterey from all over the place. Folks in Michigan simply have to leave their garage and mosey on over to Woodward Ave. However, both events end up gathering huge numbers of people in one area, which would raise anybody’s alarm bells these days. We asked if there were any restrictions that are currently being considered for the Dream Cruise, but Lary didn’t define any for the time being. We don’t exactly know what the world is going to look like in mid-August right now anyways.

“Please know that we are working to deliver the same caliber of family-fun activities that you have come to expect for the past twenty-five years,” Lary told us. “The Woodward Dream Cruise continues to rely on the strong relationships we have with cruisers, sponsors, exhibitors, spectators, and enthusiasts, to provide another celebration of all things automotive.”

We’ve asked Woodward Dream Cruise sponsors and partners, including Ford (the presenting sponsor), for comment and will update when we hear back.

There’s every chance this news could end up flipping at a later date, but organizers of the event are plowing full steam ahead for the time being. Even if the official day and events surrounding it are canceled, the Dream Cruise is far more than just the one Saturday. Cruisers are traditionally out for weeks to months before the event, taking laps of Woodward for fun. Mini car meets sprout up along the roadside parking lots. The spontaneous and public-driven nature of the “event” makes us wonder what a Dream Cruise with coronavirus would even look like. Cruisers keeping to themselves in their cars doesn’t sound particularly dangerous for spreading the disease. But spectators and crowded parking lots sound like a potential anxiety-inducing nightmare. That said, the state of the world in August will likely be the deciding factor. Do we have a full Dream Cruise? Or a Dream Cruise with heavy restrictions? Or no Dream Cruise at all?

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