Apple CarPlay comes to vintage Porsches

Vintage Porsches as far back as the 1960s can now have modern audio systems that include a touchscreen, navigation, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity, yet retain a factory appearance with two new offerings from Porsche Classic Communications Management (PCCM).

The single-DIN unit is an update of the version originally introduced a few years ago, and features a 3.5-inch touchscreen display, two knobs, and six buttons. The new model adds USB connectivity as well as Apple CarPlay, which means Siri can now come along for the ride. The unit features a Porsche script and is designed to blend with the interior style of the brand’s older models. This head unit works in 911 models from the ’60s through the 993 generation; in front-engine Porsches including the 928, the 924, 944 and 968; and in the 914 as well.

A second PCCM model replaces the double-DIN units that were available in the 996-generation 911 and in the 986-series Boxster and Cayman. The PCCM+ features a 7-inch touchscreen. The larger unit adds Android Auto to its roster of new technologies. Porsche Classic says PCCM+ is compatible with the cars’ factory speakers, amplifier, and antenna, as well as the navigation readout in the instrument cluster.

U.S. pricing is not available yet, but in Europe the single-DIN model is 1,439.89 Euros ($1,560), while the double-DIN version is 1606.51 ($1,740).

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