Another Billionaire Buys Into Aston Martin

Aston Martin has certainly had its fair share of financial troubles over the past several months, but it appears things are finally getting back into shape. As we already know, Canadian billionaire investor Lawrence Stroll led a group of investors to buy a significant stake in the automaker with a total investment of $657 million. Part of the deal involved making Stroll the firm’s executive chairman, and he has since hit the brakes on the push into electric vehicles.At the same time, Aston Martin’s entry into Formula 1 has been confirmed. But now there appears to be yet another investor joining the club, and he happens to be Switzerland’s richest man.Bloomberg reports that Ernesto Bertarelli has acquired a 3.4 percent voting stake in the carmaker. Bertarelli’s wealth comes from his family’s pharmaceutical business but has since reinvested a bulk of that into commercial real estate assets in Europe and a technology-focused venture capital fund.