Aston Martin Could Be Breaking Up With AMG

Because it’s a modular V6 featuring integrated electrical assistance, it can work with existing transmissions and, equally important, will produce just as much power as the V8, if not more. “As you move on, you normally expect a power increase, not a decrease,” Palmer said. “You’re supposed to do that even with a smaller power unit, so there’s no way our customers are going to expect to step backwards.”Above all, Aston Martin has made clear its new V6 will be its most powerful engine to date when it debuts in the Valhalla. It’ll even have to be detuned with various other adjustments for other models. Aston Martin fans will also note this is its first-ever V6, though it has a long history of building straight-sixe engines. Those concerned the V6 won’t be good enough in terms of either output or sound can rest assured both issues are being handled.The hybrid system and electric motor duo will provide additional torque to compensate for the cylinder size, and the tailpipes will be selected specifically so that the vehicles will “sound like an Aston.”