Mazda helps coronavirus fight with free oil changes for all healthcare workers

During the hard times caused by the coronavirus pandemic, automakers are helping any way they can, big or small. Mazda is one of those offering support specifically for the nation’s healthcare workers who are risking their own lives in order to save others. Mazda calls it the Essential Car Care Program (ECCP), and it offers free upkeep to any healthcare workers with a car, not just a Mazda.

Through the ECCP,  Mazda is offering healthcare workers free oil changes and “enhanced cleaning services.” The program begins April 16, 2020, and will run through select participating dealerships. To repeat, this is not only for people who drive Mazdas, it’s for anybody working in healthcare. Mazda says it is “available for most makes and models from other manufacturers,” excluding exotics, classic cars, off-road vehicles, and vehicles that take more than eight quarts of oil. The offer is available for service on one car per program period.

The program, for which Mazda will donate a minimum of $5 million, was inspired by Mazda dealerships that independently offered similar perks to local healthcare workers. Those eligible for free services include anybody who works at the following facilities:  

  • Hospitals, urgent care, surgical centers, birth centers
  • Healthcare providers, doctor offices, medical clinics, medical offices, medical centers, medical facilities, health systems
  • Mental health providers, addiction treatment centers
  • Assisted living, long-term care facilities, nursing homes, hospice homes, adult care homes, home health agencies
  • Public health agencies
  • Medical laboratory and research centers
  • Medical equipment providers
  • Orthopedic and other rehabilitation centers including physical therapy and chiropractic
  • Blood banks
  • Telehealth providers

All workers need to do is show proof of occupation, and they’re in. In addition to the oil change, the enhanced vehicle cleaning will use EPA-approved cleansers on high-touch interior surfaces, as well as exterior surfaces. 

The ECCP runs through May 4, 2020. Read full details on the ECCP fact sheet.

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