Fisker Ocean ‘Force E’ package designed for silent, rugged rescues

About a week ago, Fisker teased a makeover for its Ocean crossover that prepped the electric people hauler for either a backcountry rescue or “I Am Legend.” Henrik Fisker has now released the finished article on Twitter, the overhaul package called “Force E,” for Force Electric. It’s one of the four promised packages available when the Ocean goes on sale at the end of next year, designed to serve fleets that would need “an extreme off-road package for the Fisker Ocean.” Reserved for the all-wheel drive model, the equipment list assembles a brush guard and tow hooks, a touch of extra lighting in the front fascia and on the roof rack, a tool mount on the tailgate, a plug to run external power, all resting on a lifted, upgraded suspension and, in the rendering at least, truly meaty tires on beadlock wheels. Inside come “certain upgrades with more rugged and durable materials.”  

On the first tease, Fisker said he had a special place in mind for the spare tire “that could only be done with an EV.” That special place turns out to be a round hollow in the hood, which hearkens to Series I and Series II Land Rovers. The old Rovers rode on itty-bitty skinny tires, though. We hope the Ocean front fascia contains a step to get some leverage for lifting that spare, because it’ll take real strength to get that load in and out without banging it on the hood, or worse yet, the windshield. Underneath the spare, a potable water tank lives in the frunk, its refreshing elixir dispensed through a tap next to the front license plate. Seeing where this Ocean is meant to go, that tap better be removable, or that brush guard as strong as Wolverine.

All Force E crossovers automatically get the California mode option that opens the sunroof and all windows at the press of a button. The Force E kit starts off on the 300-horsepower Ocean, but Fisker says a high-performance model will follow. 

The company touts having received more than 22,000 expressions of interest without clarifying if that applies to hand-raisers or to depositors. We’re promised more information on the manufacturing side of the operation later this year, everything said to be on target for production in late 2021 before “high volume ramp up and deliveries in the second half of 2022.”

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