This technology lets you operate a truck remotely over 5G

Transcript: Operate a truck remotely. Swedish company Voysys is testing its remote control operating system. “Teleoperation” allows users to control a vehicle remotely. Operators use a dome with video screens or a VR headset to see, and remotes to control the vehicle or machine. The system provides the operator with a 180 degree field of view. Benefits of this tech include eliminating the need for truck drivers to be away from home, and the ability to combat driver fatigue by easily switching operators as needed. The tech could also improve safety by removing operators from dangerous work sites. It can even be used for complex and delicate tasks like operating a timber loading crane. Voysys says that because of low latency teleoperation will feel natural. The tech uses 4G/LTE or 5G towers to connect with vehicles on the road or at a job site. Voysys boasts a glass-to-glass latency time of 75 milliseconds over 4G/LTE, and 40 milliseconds on faster networks.