This custom Mercedes G63 Yachting Edition likely smells like a sauna full of cowboys

Carlex Design makes cars you can smell. Each of the company’s custom vehicles, whether it be a Yamaha V-Max or a Ferrari F12 or a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, strictly features high-quality materials that tickle the tactile and olfactory senses. Its newest creation, the Mercedes-AMG G63 Yachting Limited Edition, is no different. Carlex announced the new G-Class this week, and it features a wood-laden interior that likely smells like a sauna full of cowboys.

It’s not often the interior of a car achieves Lead Image Status, but in the case of the Carlex Design Mercedes-AMG G63 G-Yachting Limited Edition, there was no other choice. Taste is up to the personal eye, but this is a rare overly done customization that works well and maintains class. Two interiors are previewed in the gallery, one light and one dark, but both feature the same central nautical theme. 

The ceiling of the Yachting Edition features striped slats with a large branded compass in the center. The slats mimic the design of the wood paneling that is seen on the floor, the doors, the dashboard, the seatbacks, and most significantly, on the rear cargo area. The wood is complemented by supple leather, Alcantara, and real metal accents. Ribbed seatbacks and door panels continue the marine vibe, as do small circles on the seats and trim pieces that seem to mimic rivets. One interior design features a nearly all-white look, while the other offers a two-tone brown and white appearance.

The exterior, though not as wild as the interior, was also customized. Much of the body is crafted from brushed metal panels, and the G63 sits on 22-inch wheels. The hood and greenhouse are painted flat black, and the spare tire cover also features a branded compass. 

The G63 Yachting Limited Edition is available now for custom ordering at a custom price.

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