Volvo Valet is the automaker’s new concierge maintenance service

One day when this is all over, it will be interesting to look back on the various ways businesses of all stripes adapted to the novel coronavirus to see what stuck around and what disappeared as life returned to something resembling normal.

Volvo’s latest service offering, a new concierge service called Volvo Valet, seems tailor-made for the coronavirus era, even though the company says it’s been under development for at least a year. 

It’s essentially a pickup and dropoff service for owners who need to service their Volvo, and it’s similar to other services such as Lincoln Way. Users can enable it either through a mobile app or by calling a participating dealer to schedule an appointment and preferred pickup time. Doing so gets you a loaner vehicle, delivered by a retailer employee who then takes your vehicle in for service. The app provides notifications for where the driver is and when he’ll arrive, similar to a ride-hailing service like Uber, when your Volvo arrives in the shop and when it’s ready for pickup or delivery back to your address. If you don’t use the app, the dealer will call you to coordinate pickup and return times.

Volvo Valet is the fruit of Volvo’s September 2017 purchase of the intellectual property and other assets of Luxe, a San Francisco-based car valet and concierge service startup. The service is eligible for the Service by Volvo benefits available to all owners, including free towing to the nearest Volvo dealer, lifetime parts and labor warranty and other perks.

Volvo says the new service will expand to leased and purchased deliveries, lease returns and overnight test drives later this year.

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