Aston Martin’s Financial Troubles Aren’t Over Yet

Aston Martin’s financial troubles aren’t over yet, however, as the coronavirus pandemic is causing mass disruption and uncertainty about the carmaker’s future. Even with the massive investment, shareholders fear that Aston Martin could run out of money in just 12 months based on its current plans, meaning that the success of the DBX will be even more important than Aston Martin anticipated.”Taking into account the proceeds of the capital raise, the Company is of the opinion that the Group does not have sufficient working capital to meet its requirements for 12 months following the publication of the Original Prospectus,” Aston Martin said in a statement. “This is due to the increased impact, since the Company published the First Supplementary Prospectus on 13 March, of Covid-19 and the ongoing and unquantifiable uncertainty it has created and continues to create.”