All the cool used Boxsters and Caymans we found while not working today

It all started with sharing on Slack a single listing on Bring a Trailer of a lovely 1998 Porsche Boxster pictured below with a five-speed manual and quintessential ’98 Boxster color combo of silver and grey (you know, before silver cars saturated the market). Then Road Test Editor Zac Palmer said he’d be tempted by that, but that “it was slowww,” at which point I told him that it went from 0-60 in 6 seconds back in the day according to Motor Trend and that my six-cylinder Z3 was even slowwwer. I definitely insinuated he was a youngin’ who didn’t appreciate how quick cars have come in the last decade and implored him to get off my damn lawn. 

I then found him another Boxster on Bring a Trailer, an ’05 Boxster S with a six-speed and a color combo of silver and brown. That car, pictured below, apparently satisfied his need for speed.

Then the flood gates opened with various older Boxsters and Caymans we’d actually be able to afford. We’d like to apologize to Greg Migliore for our lack of productivity, but it’s totally that damn virus’ fault. Yeah, that’s it, the virus.

There’s this sweet ’08 Cayman S with the 6-speed (yeah, I wouldn’t expect us to showcase any automatics)

We kicked the silver thing thanks to Byron Hurd and this classy Cayman S on Autotrader.

This ’08 Cayman S for sale by a private seller in Pennsylvania scores big on the color front. Sadly too late for our St Patrick’s Day green car gallery.

Here’s one I unearthed with a rather distinctive stripes package that matches the interior and brake calipers. Not that bad, actually. 

There were a number of nice Burgundy ones out there, but this one (particularly the interior) looked especially clean and lovely. 

Because green. Like all of these, super low miles. 

And finally, because I created this post: TEAL BOXSTER!!!

OK, back to work. 

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