History Of The Aston Martin Vantage

With the DB9 taking over from the DB7, Aston Martin took the Vantage name and built a back to basics two-seater V8 sports car with it. It was pretty, small, powerful, and debuted in 2005 to set the benchmark for the current Vantage model. The V8 was a 4.3-liter lump with a five-speed manual transmission as standard. In 2008, the engine was reworked to 4.7 liters and made 420 hp, the same as the earlier V12-powered DB7 Vantage. The Vantage S showed up in 2011 with upgrades to the chassis, braking, aerodynamics, a close-ratio 7-speed ‘Sportshift II’ automated manual transmission, and an extra ten hp from the engine.
Source: carbuzz.com