Lamborghini Beware: Aston Martin Has Big Plans For DBX

“DBX is fundamental,” Reichman says. “We’ve invested in a brand-new factory in Wales to build this car. It’s a volume product that will see us grow the company and the business. And part of the reason for doing it is that maybe the market has and will shift more that way, so it’s even more fundamental.””Everyone else is there, bar McLaren.”The Aston Martin DBX is already effectively sold out for the first year, Reichman says, noting that it’s opened the brand up to a new demographic the company’s sports cars have never quite been able to reach: women. According to Aston’s numbers, 95 percent of current non-DBX Aston customers are men.If they do materialize, both the three-row and coupe versions of the Aston Martin DBX will be built on the same Vantage-derived platform as the regular DBX, with massaged sheet metal in the rear to accommodate a third row or create the desired coupe-like profile.