Hey look: More C8 Corvette spy photos are already here

Perhaps you thought the C8 spy shots were over and done with? But no! The show must go on! The Corvette isn’t a one-and-done model after all. We expect a Grand Sport, a Z06, a ZR1 and probably even more. Right when the C8 was initially revealed, we heard reports of a hybrid powertrain being on the docket. This camouflaged C8 could be the electrified Corvette we’re looking for.

We can’t be certain of what powertrain shenanigans are going on underneath it all, but the gaggle of cords and switches suggest there’s something fishy going on with the electronics. And then there’s the tool chest-sized emissions testing equipment hanging off the rear of the car via a wild exhaust test system. Every now and then we see these things hooked up to cars undergoing some internal emissions testing, so there’s nothing out of the ordinary here. It’s just weird to look at. It is a somewhat promising view for anybody who wants to carry some bikes on the back of their C8, though. We jest.

Interestingly, all of the lights are not production units. Even though we all know what the C8 looks like at this point, GM’s mule might still be hiding some secrets. All the vents and openings are where we expect them to be. We’re just missing the details.

Maybe this is a plug-in hybrid mule? That’s what our spy shooter’s intel suggests, based partly on the cabling up front and kill switch in the rear to reportedly shut down electric motors. Or maybe it’s just a regular hybrid. Throwing an electric motor on the front of the Corvette sounds like a recipe for even more speed and performance. Despite an already wicked-fast base car, we’ve no qualms with Chevy wanting more. Let us know what you think this test car is in the comments below.

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Source: AutoBlog.com