Adventum Coupe is the two-door Range Rover that never was

At the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, Land Rover surprised us with the Range Rover SV Coupe, a two-door Range Rover produced by Special Vehicle Operations. The automaker planned to build 999 of them for $295,000 a pop, which would have made the SV Coupe the most expensive from-the-factory Range Rover ever. Not even a year later, after dismal financial returns for Jaguar Land Rover in 2018, Land Rover canceled the SV Coupe, knocking back customers who had already specced units with $60,000 in additional options. Niels van Roij Design came to the rescue not long after, promising its own two-door coachbuilt Range Rover called the Adventum Coupe. The sketches released at the time had us hopeful for the real thing. Now that the first production example has been completed for a buyer, we’re glad to report that the Adventum Coupe is just what we wanted.

Niels van Roij made a few departures from the two-door designed by Land Rover’s SVO. The Adventum goes without frameless windows, the side vents on the doors, and 23-inch wheels. SVO reworked everything but the hood and lower tailgate compared to the standard Range Rover, van Roij also left the fenders and upper tailgate alone. Everything else from the A-pillar back is reshaped to fit true SUV coupe lines. The SVO version was powered by the 5.0-liter supercharged V8 taken from the SVAutobiography Dynamic trim, making 557 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque. This particular Adventum uses the slightly less angry supercharged V8 from the Autobiography trim, with 518 hp and 443 lb-ft. .

Dutch coachbuilder Bas van Roomen handles the actual construction, the aluminum D7 architecture strengthened to retain its stiffness and integrity, each body panel worked up in hand-beaten aluminum. The Arctic White exterior pairs with an interior covered in yards of red and black Nappa leather and the sheen of black piano lacquer. This being a coachbuilt design, the minimalist exterior is contrasted by the finely detailed interior. The new door cards get red leather pockets and different door pulls for front and rear passengers. Those rear-seaters get powered captain’s chairs. The floor, from the front footrests to the cargo area, is hand-finished teak with white caulking to match the exterior. A red leather pull handle lifts the cargo area floor, and two matching red and black umbrellas sit in branded Adventum closures on the cargo wall.

Van Roij will build just 100 examples of the Adventum Coupe, each one starting at €270,000 ($299,835 U.S.); choosing a different Range Rover platform to build on could change the price. It takes a €50,000 deposit ($55,525 U.S.) to secure one, the build needing “at least six months.” Our only question about buying the Adventum Coupe, aimed at anyone who’d paid to reserve an SVO-sourced Range Rover SV Coupe, is: Why would you not?

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