DS celebrating 50 years of the Citroen SM with visions of a modern version

One of Citroen’s most famous and stylish cars, the SM, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this week. It was shown on March 10, 1970 and featured hydro-pneumatic suspension, a Maserati V6 making at least 170 horsepower, turning headlights, and futuristic design. To commemorate the occasion, PSA’s premium division DS had some of its designers imagine a modern-day version of the luxury coupe, and the public is invited to vote on which is best.

Six designs were created, and the company is starting the reveal with just two, and will add the others throughout the week. We’ll update this post with the other designs as they’re released. The first two designs take the basic roofline of the original SM, but add tighter, more athletic sheet metal. The bodies wrap around gigantic wheels and tires. The orange design adds a unique take on the original SM’s skirted rear wheels. The brown design has a more evolutionary front fascia and lights, and the color is a clear reference to one of the original colors of the car.

As DS reveals SM designs, it will also post polls on Twitter and Facebook for people to choose which designs are their favorite. Once all the voting is over, the final four designs will be posted, and the overall winner will be decided by how many social media shares it gets. Once a winner is picked, DS will randomly select people online to receive a signed lithograph of the winning design.

Source: AutoBlog.com