An 80-car Kansas mystery lot is listed for $425,000

In one shot, a Hemmings seller simultaneously posted the most undersold and overpriced car advertisement on the web. Leaving virtually no details about what’s on hand, the ad says there are more than 80 vehicles and more than 30 engines included in the sale. The only real reasons to believe there’s anything good are a few intriguing photos and the fact that the lot is listed for $425,000. 

Spotted by The Drive, this mysterious post pins the collection in Belleville, Kansas, on the north central part of the state near the Nebraska border. The title says, “1939 Ford for Sale,” it lists the transmission as “manual,” and it says the condition is “good.” But this ad isn’t just for one car. The seller’s description reads, “1938-39 FORD COE ALONG WITH 80 OTHER VEHICLES, parts, Over 30 motors, Ford Flat head V8’s, Rat Rods, Fenders, hoods, huge collection. BEING SOLD AS A LOT, Please contact for more info…” 

Looking at the eight poorly framed, blurry, out-of-focus photos provided for the listing, it appears there is indeed a 1939 Ford cab-over-engine truck. We also see 1940ish GMC cab-over-engine truck, what appears to be a 1940s Chevrolet Suburban, and a ’40s-era International pickup. We have reached out to the seller for more information about what other vehicles are included in the collection.

Judging by the condition of the cars and the state of their surroundings, it seems like this could be a large scrapyard-slash-storage field with zero organization. Parts, papers, and vehicle bodies are strewn about outside, with zero-to-little protection. But who knows? There could be a gem in there. Too bad everything is listed as a lot rather than individual units.

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