Aston Martin Moving On From AMG Power

Palmer didn’t mention any specifics in terms of output for this new V6 but did say, “As you move on, you normally expect a power increase, not a decrease. You’re supposed to do that even with a smaller power unit, so there’s no way our customers are going to expect to step backward.” This means the 503 horsepower output in the DB11 and Vantage and the 542 horsepower rating in the DBX should be obvious benchmarks for the new V6.As for the 5.2-liter twin-turbo V12, which is currently made at the Ford plant in Cologne, Germany, its production will be shifted to the UK. “I hope the V12 is around for a good while longer,” Palmer said. “You can see in the longer term it won’t last, but certainly over the next few years we can continue to produce V12 engines and we can make them more CO2 friendly. It will be a sad day when we see the V12 engine disappear from an Aston.” The company sold 1,780 cars with a V12 engine last year, making up one-third of total production. That percentage should decrease with the introduction of the DBX.