Brabus 800 is a bold, fast, black and gold take on the Mercedes-AMG G 63

German tuner Brabus has created yet another custom version of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. The new one is the Brabus 800 Black and Gold Edition, and it starts life as a Mercedes-AMG G 63. From there, Brabus gives it more power, and more, well, of everything, good or bad.

Under the hood, Brabus adds a new twin-turbo system to the 4.0-liter AMG V8. Power rises to 789 horsepower and torque to 738 pound-feet. Brabus claims it will reach 62 mph in 4.2 seconds and it has an electronically limited top speed of 150 mph.

While the extra power is sure to be fun, we suspect that prospective buyers will be more drawn to the appearance of the Black and Gold Edition, both inside and out. Brabus fits its Widestar body kit, parts of which show up on the also recently shown Brabus 800 Adventure pickup. It features some extreme, and fake, vents off the fender flares, more aggressive front spoiler, and LED-lit running boards. The most over-the-top pieces of the body are the carbon fiber hood bulge with its origami-like scoops and vents, and the huge wing perched atop the roof. Interestingly, Brabus removes the rear spare tire and its housing. The whole car is painted black, except for the carbon fiber accents and gold badging. The 23-inch forged Brabus wheels are painted gold, as are the brake calipers.

Naturally the color scheme continues inside. Every surface that would have been silver or aluminum in a standard G-Class has been switched to a gold finish, even down to the window switches and pedals. The seats get custom leather upholstery in black with gold highlights behind the perforations. The rear bench seat is replaced with buckets complete with various electric adjustments, heating and ventilation. Rear passengers also get a center console with touch pad for adjusting cabin settings including the lighting. The headliner gets little star-like points of light and gauges are mounted to the ceiling for passengers to keep an eye on speed and such. The center console even contains a locking safe.

Brabus didn’t announce pricing or a number of units it will produce. It likely won’t build many, and each one is likely going to be extremely expensive.

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