Aston Martin Celebrates 70 Years Of The Vantage

The Aston Martin Vantage nameplate has been around longer than you think. Currently affixed to a two-seater coupe and convertible model, the Vantage moniker has been attached to more than 36,000 cars over the past seven decades and Aston Martin is now celebrating that heritage with a gathering of its most important cars. In fact, over one-third of all sports cars ever produced by Aston Martin wear the Vantage name.”Today’s Vantage and Vantage AMR sports cars represent the latest interpretation of what this single, yet incredibly evocative, word means to drivers around the world, says Aston Martin Lagonda President and Group CEO, Dr. Andy Palmer. “As we celebrate 70 years of Vantage in 2020, it allows us to delight in our superb sports car heritage. Vantage has always stood for engineering ambition, thrilling performance, and exceptional beauty, and I’m pleased that today’s models more than live up to the standards set by their iconic forebears.”