Stolen hearse with body inside involved in L.A. police chase

According to KTLA in L.A., a hearse was stolen with a body inside of it and wasn’t apprehended until the next day. The driver of the Lincoln Navigator reportedly resisted arrest and forced a police chase before it crashed on one of the city’s major highways. The body was found undisturbed and was returned. 

A Navigator designed to serve as a hearse was parked outside a church in Pasadena, north of L.A. with two caskets inside. When the first casket was removed and taken into the church, the vehicle was left with the key inside. That’s when someone hopped in and drove off.

That was around 8 p.m. The hearse was missing until a member of the public reported it in L.A. at about 7:30 the next morning. When police caught up to the stolen hearse, the driver refused to pull over and initiated a chase. The pursuit ended on the 110 highway in a front-end collision that left the car mangled.

For more information, visit KTLA.