Ford ‘Baby Bronco’ prototype spied wearing new duds, brawnier tires

Ford’s upcoming “Baby Bronco,” expected to be named the Bronco Sport, is slated for a debut in New York just next month. Ford appears to be testing out a prototype in a new set of camo and some gnarlier tires, perhaps indicating that this is a more trail-ready variant of the small crossover.

This prototype, looking vaguely (and appropriately) like a Jeep Renegade, is camouflaged quite extensively. Sadly, between those coverings and its lower, smaller body compared to the midsize Bronco, we’re unable to see much of what is going on underneath. 

What we can see, however, is a set of Falken all-terrain tires, which appear to be a first for a Baby Bronco prototype. Previous examples have been caught wearing more street-friendly Pirelli rubber.

Based on these photos, it doesn’t appear that this variant rides any higher than the previous prototypes we’ve seen, though it’s tricky to compare given the differences in camouflage material and, potentially, tire diameter. 

We already know that the Baby Bronco’s tire size is similar to those utilized by Jeep on Trailhawk versions of the Renegade and Compass. These smaller Jeeps also make use of a fully independent suspension, with Renegade and Compass using strut-type suspension front and rear. The larger Cherokee relies on front struts and a multi-link rear suspension.

This is also a far less off-road-ready setup than what is found on the midsize (aka non-Baby) Bronco, which boasts a solid rear axle and independent front setup. Jeep utilizes solid axles front and rear on the Wrangler.