Bentley Mulliner Bacalar is probably a roadster

The upcoming coachbuilt Bentley Mulliner Bacalar has been teased before its Geneva Motor Show reveal once again. Instead of one of the wheels or a glimpse of its rear quarter panels, we get a rather clear view of the interior. Bentley highlights the fact that there are only two seats, making this only the second two-seat car the company has offered since 1930. But looking closely, it also suggests that the Mulliner Bacalar is a convertible.

The first indication is the angle of the photo, which is clearly from high up, and generally unobstructed. Perhaps it could be a design buck, but there’s more to it than that. At the bottom of the photo, there’s a black, horizontal object obscuring the base of the seats. It’s too close to the seat backs to be the dashboard, so we think it’s actually the windshield header. Then there’s the placement of the seatbelts. They’re mounted really low in the interior, seemingly below the window line. That’s something automakers normally do if there are no pillars to mount to higher up, and if you didn’t want to mount them to the seats. There also appears to be trim wrapping around behind the rear cargo area at the same height, further suggesting there’s no solid roof and pillars in place. With all this under consideration, plus a previous report of a convertible in the works, we’re thinking the Bacalar is a droptop of some sort.

Taking a turn back to what’s obvious in the photo, the interior is clearly a two-seat design, and you can see that it features matching luggage to fit the cavity behind the seats. The seats are upholstered in a nifty and sporty-looking diamond pattern with contrasting gray and yellow fabrics. Bentley doesn’t specifically say what materials are used, but it says everything was sustainably sourced.

The Mulliner Bacalar will be fully revealed on March 3 at the Geneva Motor Show. It will apparently take styling inspiration from the electric EXP 100 GT concept, and Bentley is stressing the sustainability aspect of the car. The same report that said a convertible was coming, though, also said it would probably get a W12 engine, and at least the convertible part of the report seems to be true. Also expect a price tag well into the seven figure range.

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