2021 Ford F-150 interior revealed in new spy photos

Not a week seems to go by lately without multiple Ford truck revelations, and the latest comes courtesy of a new set of spy photos depicting the 2021 Ford F-150’s updated interior. 

From these shots, we can see that the general shape of the dashboard remains relatively unchanged, but the stuff crammed into it is definitely getting some revision. Based on the prototypes we’ve seen photographed over the past few weeks, we’re guessing this yet another Platinum model, so keep that in mind in terms of feature content. 

We’ll start with the main event: the infotainment screen. This new unit is pushed just about to the edges of its available real estate. We can see that it’s running the latest version of Sync, which is no surprise at all, and mercifully it appears that Ford retained physical volume and tuning dials. You’ll find both controls beneath the screen, where they are on the current model.

The dial closest to the infotainment screen is likely for the trailer backup assist system. You’d be forgiven for mistaking it for a gear selector, as it appears to use the same physical hardware that is used for exactly that purpose in other Fords, but if you look closely at the blurred area of the center console, you’ll see that a traditional gear selector remains in place. 

Accompanying this larger screen appears to be a full digital gauge cluster. Current F-Series trucks have fixed gauges with available full-color displays, so this would be a natural upgrade. We expect Ford will pull these right out of the parts bin, as the Ford Explorer and Escape (along with Lincoln’s newer models) already have full-color, animated digital clusters available on higher-trim models. 

The unveiling of Ford’s latest juggernaut shouldn’t be too far away at this point, so stay tuned for the latest as we creep closer to the kick-off of the Blue Oval’s 2020 product blitz. 

Source: AutoBlog.com