Tesla Model Y gets official EPA range ratings, meeting the expectations

A 2020 Tesla Model Y Performance will go 315 miles on a full charge, according to final numbers posted to the EPA’s fuel economy site. Forbes spotted the posting first, and they match the numbers that were laid out in Tesla’s Q4 2019 earnings report. Tesla initially promised a range of approximately 280 miles when the Model Y was revealed, but “due to continued engineering progress of the Model Y all-wheel drive,” the number was revised to 315 miles.

The official MPGe rating was also revealed by this posting to the EPA’s site, too, showing that the Model Y received a 121 MPGe combined rating. That makes it the most efficient electric crossover or SUV out there, just beating the Hyundai Kona Electric by a sliver (rated at 120 MPGe). For some further perspective on that MPGe number, the Audi E-Tron is rated at a much lower 74 MPGe combined, and a Jaguar I-Pace at 76 MPGe. Since the Kona’s battery pack is much smaller than the Model Y’s, it can only go 258 miles on a full charge, as opposed to the Tesla’s 315-mile rating.

We’ll also note that this rating is only for the dual-motor Performance trim with all-wheel drive. Tesla estimates the Long Range version at the same 315 miles on its website, but there’s no separate rating on the EPA’s site yet. Both the Model 3 Long Range and Model 3 Performance have the same 322-mile EPA rating for range, so this isn’t an anomaly within Tesla. If you opt for the Model Y Performance with the Performance Upgrade, you get a lowered suspension, performance brakes, larger 21-inch wheels and a higher top speed (155 mph instead of 145 mph). Larger wheels tend to sway EPA range ratings by a significant amount — see the Leaf Plus — and the estimated range falls down to 280 miles on Tesla’s site with this package selected.

Look out for Model Ys to start hitting the streets soon, as production is supposed to begin next month.

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Source: AutoBlog.com