Watch A Rare Aston Martin Vulcan Get Bespoke Paint Job

The meticulous process begins with the decontamination of every car in the wash bay. At this stage, the wheels are treated with a non-acidic solution and cleaned with delicate brushes to remove every possible speck of dirt. A citrus solution gently loosens dirt on the body – a lot more polite than your automated neighborhood car wash, we’d say. At around the 02:23 mark, we can see the Vulcan’s outlandish rear LED lighting “blades” being individually cleaned. And there’s a lot of them.Following drying and paint correction, the Paint Protection Film (PPF) is back-rolled into position, a point in the process when we’re sure sneezing is forbidden. This is the best part of the video, where each and every section of PPF is perfectly designed to fit each panel. Watching this application process will be like catnip for anyone who enjoys placing a perfectly affixed screen guard on their iPhone displays, but who can never actually get it right.