200-MPH Aston Martin Bertone Wagon Up For Sale

“Part of me would love to see it reproduced but another part likes the idea that it remains a unique one-off as part of automobile and Aston Martin history,” he added.The car took three-and-a-half months to build as Bertone scanned the car, created reverse molds, and beat the panels by hand out of aluminum, sheet metal, and carbon fiber. Bertone managed to keep the weight nearly identical to the stock Rapide, so performance wasn’t impacted.”It was a halo car for Aston Martin,” said Weir says. “At the time, it was the fastest shooting brake in the world at 200 mph, reaching 60 mph in about 5.3 seconds.”This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to own a piece of British and Italian motoring history and we have no doubt the car will sell for an impressive sum.
Source: carbuzz.com