Aston Martin’s Latest Savior Should Surprise No One

The UK firm, which is publicly traded, could really use all the help it can get. The all-new Aston Martin DBX SUV, which is about to go on sale, needs to be a sales success but betting everything on a single model is not a good way to run a car company. The stock market is keenly aware of that as shares of Aston Martin rose by 15 percent last Friday once news of the Geely talks became public.At the moment, a majority of Aston Martin’s shares are held by the Kuwait-based Adeem/Primewagon group. The Strategic European Investment Group holds about one-third of Aston’s shares. Daimler owns 5 percent of the carmaker as well. As of this writing, both Geely and Stroll have refused to comment on any reports regarding their potential respective investments.